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Exceptional Product Recognition and Distribution Starts with a Great Program

We believe that while there are numerous resources about agriculture, there isn’t a platform for the new online tech savvy farmers out there – small scale producers, growers and livestock keepers and many more. The platform is also aimed to help farmers remove barriers in moving farm produce and connect them to the right buyers for their produce. It highlights sales and marketing opportunities as it is place for sellers to list their products and buyers to find a specific produce or product they require.

The Farmers Blog is a form of Farmer's Market Online, we provide "booth space" for growers, producers and artisans selling direct to the consumer. Set up much like an open-air farmers' market where vendors offer food, crafts, gifts, supplies, tools and more, its purpose is to provide a space where shoppers in search of Organic foods in Zambia and surrounding African countries can meet, correspond and purchase products direct from the farm / farmer. This is the connection you could use to sell and buy any kind of agriculture-related product from seed to machinery to plants to pesticides. Read more about Agriculture


The Farmers Blog offers an online advertising solution to help you reach a fast growing audience of farmers, buyers and food savvy consumers in Zambia and across the African continent.


Our Experience

The Farmers Blog also highlights Agro companies that supply a wide range of products and services including but not limited to fertilisers, farming equipment, animal feed, vets and so on and so forth. This is the bridge that connects you to whatever agriculture tools you need the easiest way possible. This online platform enables you to view contact details, and well outlined details of either a product or service you require.